Gallatin City-County Board of Health & Administrative Staff




Seth Walk 01/01/2019 City Commission
I-Ho Pomeroy 01/01/2019 City Commissioner
Becky Franks (Chair) 01/01/2021 City Commission
Buck Taylor (Vice-Chair) 01/01/2020 City Commission
Laura Larsson 01/01/2019 County Commission
Mari Eggers 01/01/2020 County Commission
Joe Skinner 01/01/2019 County Commissioner
Justin Kamerman 01/01/2021 County Commission
Steve Custer 01/01/2021 City & County Commissions

Administrative Staff

Matt Kelley, Health Officer
Tracy Knoedler, Human Services Director
Lori Christenson, Environmental Health Director

About the Board

The City-County Board of Health is created under an Interlocal Agreement between Gallatin County and the City of Bozeman, dated June, 1990, as amended under the Interlocal Agreement dated May 12, 1997, pursuant to the provisions of Section 50-2-106, M.C.A.

The Board is:

  • Comprised of nine members serving staggered three-year terms, as follows:

(1) a County Commissioner or representative,

(2) a City Commissioner or representative,

(3) three members appointed by the County Commission,

(4) three members appointed by the City Commission, and

(5) one member appointed jointly by the City and County Commissions.

  • Administrative
  • Responsible for appointing a Health Officer and ensuring that the necessary qualified staff is employed, within budget constraints
  • Responsible for activities ensuring the health of the community, including guarding against the introduction of communicable diseases and providing for the removal of filth that might adversely affect public health.

The Health Department operates under the County and its personnel manual.

For additional information, contact the Gallatin City-County Health Department at (406) 582-3100.