Boredom Busters: Keeping Children Entertained and Active During Winter

January 13, 2016 | Kids & Families, Recreation, WIC

As temperatures continue to drop, spending time outdoors can become less appealing to families – especially those with young children. At WIC, we know it can be a challenge to keep children occupied while everyone is cooped up; finding new and exciting activities will help bust up boredom. The following activities are fun and interactive […]

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Tips to prevent the spread of norovirus

Press release from the Montana Department of Health and Human Services Cold weather means more indoor time for many Montanans. Close contact indoors often helps spread illnesses, such as norovirus, anywhere people gather together. Holiday gatherings, schools and settings such as long-term care and assisted living facilities are especially vulnerable to outbreaks. “Norovirus can spread very […]

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