Art Installation to Normalize Breastfeeding Around Bozeman

Public unveiling of Bozeman Breastfeeds photos will celebrate local breastfeeding families. Montana ranks first in the nation for the rate of exclusive breastfeeding at the ages of three and six months, a wonderful success! However, there is more work to do. A stigma still exists around breastfeeding in public, which can be uncomfortable for new […]

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A Healthy Twist on Thanksgiving Dinner

November 9, 2018 | Food, Healthy Living, Nutrition, Recipes, WIC

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and then Christmas and New Years! These holidays can translate into unneeded calories and extra pounds, so here at WIC we have put together a Thanksgiving survival guide. Keep reading for all the healthy alternatives to your favorite recipes and other ideas for your traditional Thanksgiving Day. Planning a […]

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