Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

Chronic disease self-management is a confluence of educational ideals designed to help patients achieve better health.  Self-management includes being your own best advocate, paying attention to health conditions so that you are a good historian, engaging in self-care, and knowing how to work with the healthcare system and your provider to achieve the best outcomes.  The class offered by the Gallatin City County Health Department is called “Montana: Living Life Well” and focuses on teaching techniques to break the symptom cycle of chronic disease and empower individuals to be better self-managers, and improve their quality of life.  It is a six week course that meets once per week.  Topics discussed include pain management, breathing techniques, weight control, proper nutrition, effective communication, and decision-making, among others.

The first class was offered in February 2017 at the Bozeman Senior Center and graduated 15 participants.  Each of the community members who attended the class reported they learned something new, or tried something new, and some reported significant relief of symptoms related to their chronic disease.  One of the participants has volunteered to take the Leader Training to become a peer educator on self-management.  The next program starts April 2017 and will also take place at the Bozeman Senior Center. An additional class is also scheduled for June 2017.  The Health Department plans to expand the class to Park and Sweet Grass counties in the future.

The six week series starts April 11 from 9:00am-11:30am, Bozeman Senior Center.

For more information, or to register, please contact Molly at 582-3100.