Home Food Safety Mythbusters

Bacteria can spread throughout the kitchen and get on hands, cutting boards, knives, and countertops. Frequent and proper cleaning can prevent the spread of bacteria and keep your kitchen safe! Keep reading to find out how to effectively clean and sanitize cutting boards.

Myth: Lemon juice and salt will clean and sanitize a cutting board.

Fact: Sanitizing is the process of reducing the number of microorganisms that are on a properly cleaned surface to a safe level to reduce risk of food borne illness. Lemon juice and salt will not do this. The most effective way to sanitize a cutting board as well as other kitchen surfaces is with a diluted bleach and water solution.

To clean and sanitize your cutting board first wash it with hot water and soap. Then sanitize it by using a diluted chlorine bleach solution — just one tablespoon unscented liquid bleach (not more) to one gallon of water. Let the bleach solution stand on the surface for a few minutes; then allow to air dry. It is important to clean and disinfect – just because a surface looks clean, doesn’t mean it is free of disease-causing bacteria!

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