Newborn vaccinations; a personal and professional perspective.


I remember first starting as a nurse at the immunization clinic and having some of the same doubts that I now hear from parents about the immunizations I was asked to administer. This was without any children of my own.

I am now pregnant with my first baby, and I can’t imagine how fearful and uncertain I would feel about immunizing him in a few months without having the knowledge I now have… It’s completely understandable to be fearful. There are many myths and so much misinformation out there, especially as you scroll down your Facebook feed.

I have looked extensively into the research and both sides of the argument as part of my job. It has become very apparent to me that both sides do not carry the same weight. They are not as equally valid as my newsfeed would have me believe.

After working at the health department for almost three years, I can confidently tell any parent who asks me that I truly do not have any doubts about the importance and the safety of vaccinating my future son. Right after birth, Baby Boy Hauck Lopez will get his first dose of hepatitis B vaccine, and come November he will get his 2-month shots at the health department.