Nixing Ebola

November 19, 2015 | Communicable Disease, Health

Sierra Leone is Ebola free as of November 7, 2015; but people traveling from the country will still have to fly through one of five airports who do the screening. Travelers will be screened for fever, given thermometers and the contact information for the local health department.

Both Sierra Leone and Liberia are continuing to monitor for ninety days after being declared Ebola-free. They will check all people who have died over five years old without a reason for their death. They will also test anyone with symptoms that seem like Ebola.

Guinea has now gone three weeks without a new Ebola case. If this keeps up, Guinea will be Ebola free on December 10, 2015. A country has to go through forty two days without a new case to be Ebola free.

Ebola vaccine trials continue in Guinea. The vaccine is given to the person who is infected; all of the people they have been in contact with and the people those people have been in contact with. On September 1, 2015, children older than six can get the vaccination.

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