Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Statistics

• CRC is the 4th most common cancer in MT (after prostate, breast, & lung) (3rd in U.S.)


• CRC is 4th most common cause of cancer death in MT


• Approx. 500 Montanans are diagnosed with CRC each year


• Most CRCs occur in people without family history


• Records in 2010 show that 1 in 3 Montana adults ages 50 & older report never having had a screening exam


• In 2010, 57% of Montana adults ages 50-75 years old were up to date with CRC screening


• Catching cancer in early stages often leads to more effective, less expensive treatment


• Costs of treating early-stage CRC are ¼ cost of treating it at a later stage


• Mortality rates can be reduced by 60% through screening & early detection


• 5 year survival rates for MT: 90% for local stage, 70% for regional stage & 12% for distant stage


–Data from the The Montana Cancer Control Programs (MCCP) website.