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No matter who you are or where you live or what you do, tobacco use can keep you from living in a healthy way. Maybe you want more information to help support someone who is quitting; maybe you want to learn more about smoke-free apartments, or the effects of secondhand smoke. Maybe you want pointers on how to make public areas smoke-free or to help patients or clients to quit using tobacco. This page gives you that information and more.


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Landlords, did you know that you can make your complex smoke-free?

Do you want to order Smoke FREE Signage for your business or property?

Are you a medical provider who wants more information to help your patients quit using tobacco?

  • This site can give you more information about incorporating the 5 As protocols into your practice.
  • You can also order Quit Line materials and resources to support your efforts in helping your patients quit tobacco.
Fax Referral Program

This program gives concerned community partners and health care providers another way to connect to the Montana Quit Line.  A HIPAA-compliant fax referral form secures the prospective quitter’s consent to have the Quit Line get in touch.  The form is then faxed to the Quit Line, so Quit Coaches can contact the patient at a convenient time.  As a HIPPA compliant providers you are able to receive outcome reports for the individuals referred.

Download Fax Referral Form
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Provider Resources
Pregnancy & Postpartum Provider Resources

Need assistance to effectively use the 5 A’s of tobacco cessation?  Build your skills and gain continuing education credits with this FREE online training course brought to you by Dartmouth Medical School, in collaboration with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Want to see the results of your efforts, use this fax referral form to refer you patients to the Montana Tobacco Quit Line.  As a HIPPA compliant medical provider, you will receive fax back forms providing patient progress.

Patient benefits for using the Montana Tobacco Quit Line 1(800) Quit-Now or :

  • 3x more likely to succeed!
  • 9 coaching calls – from the same coach  (vs. 5 calls)
  • Reward Incentive for each completed call during pregnancy ($5/call)  and postpartum  ($10/call)
  • Texts to remind mom to reconnect with the Quit Line to prevent relapse after birth – Most relapse happens after birth
  • Free NRT  (with a prescription)
    • 6 weeks pregnant
    • 6 weeks postpartum