Winter Emergency Kits

In Montana, one thing is for sure: Winters tends to stick around well into the spring!

And as we embark on February, we still have months of winter weather ahead.

With winter comes those pesky winter storms, and these can sometimes last for days. Winter weather can have harsh affects on your home and winter driving is not to be taken lightly. Here are some ways to be prepared for winter emergencies.


In the Home

Strong winter storms can take out heat, power, and telephone service on occasion. If this happened to you, would you be prepared?

It’s important to have emergency supplies in your home, perhaps in a box in the basement, including:

  • Non-perishable food to last for up to a week
  • Water
  • Medications and first aid supplies
  • Baby supplies, such as diapers and food
  • Pet supplies & food

For more tips on what to have on hand, click here.


On the Road

If you must travel during the winter, don’t let your gas tank run too low, check on road conditions before you leave, and make sure that you are familiar with winter driving safety.

It’s also important to carry extra supplies in your car, including:

    • A sleeping bag or blankets
    • A shovel

Food and water

It is also helpful to carry a cell phone and always let someone know when you are traveling and the route you will take.

For more information about what to have in the car in case of emergency, click here.


For more information about winter safety see or


Have a happy & safe winter!