Restaurant Inspections

The goal of the Gallatin City-County Health Department, Environmental Health Services (EHS) is to educate and assist the food service industry in preventing conditions and practices that endanger public health.


The State of Montana (Montana Code Annotated 50-50-301) requires food establishments be inspected a minimum of one time per year.  EHS conducts inspections based on risk.  The higher the risk, the more times the establishment is inspected.  There are a number of factors evaluated to determine the risk level of an establishment, such as: complexity of the menu, inspection history, food safety practices, etc. and the risk level may be adjusted as necessary.  The large majority of establishments in Gallatin County are inspected two times per year.

Our inspectors conduct “risk-based” inspections. This means inspectors focus on problems most likely to cause food contamination, illness or injury. These deficiencies, or Critical Violations, include but are not limited to the following:

  • Inadequate cooking or holding temperatures
  • Poor personal hygiene and handling
  • Unsafe food sources
  • Improper cleaning and sanitizing
  • Cross-contamination

Inspectors may also note Non-Critical Violations during the inspection.  These violations, while often facility-based or indirectly related to food safety, can lead to critical issues if not addressed.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

Environmental Health Services
215 West Mendenhall, Rm 108, Bozeman
(406) 582-3120


State of Montana Regulations – Food Safety

The Department of Public Health and Human Services is authorized in state law (often referred to as M.C.A.’s) to adopt administrative rules or A.R.M.’s to regulate food safety throughout the state. Click the Restaurant Resources to read the current State of Montana regulations on food safety.