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We are fortunate to live in a place like Gallatin County where the outdoor air quality is good most of the time. The times we tend to face poor air quality are usually associated with forest fire season.

During forest fire season, the DEQ issues daily forest fire air quality updates around the state using visibility ranges as a way to determine smoke categories.

Smoke categories range from “good” (with a visibility of up 13.4 miles and up) to “Hazardous” (with a visibility of 1.3 miles or less).

Smoke category information is found at Fire Categories and information about current wildfires in Montana can be found at Montana Fire Conditions

During “very unhealthy” air quality periods, the Health Department recommends that persons most at risk for respiratory complications due to air quality concerns avoid outdoor activities. Individuals at risk include children, the elderly, and persons with known respiratory problems. Everyone else should avoid prolonged exertion. In all cases, residents are advised to error on the side of caution when going about their daily routines.



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