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Hazardous waste is waste that is dangerous or potentially harmful to our health or the environment. Hazardous wastes can be liquids, solids, gases, or sludges, and they typically fall under two categories: household and commercial hazardous waste. Environmental Health Services coordinates with local fire departments, Disaster & Emergency Services, and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to respond to spills and releases of hazardous materials in Gallatin County. State and federal agencies handle the primary responsibility for hazardous material regulations.


Common household hazardous waste includes:

• Paints & solvents

• Automotive fluids (oil, antifreeze)

• Pesticides

• Products with mercury (thermometers, fluorescent lights)

• Electronics

• Specialty batteries

• Prescription drugs

• And more


Common commercial waste by industry includes:

Building maintenance – Paints, thinners, solvents, cleaners, PCBs

General repair – Solvents, paints, acids, bases, adhesives, oils

Laboratory – Reagents, wash-up, reacted chemicals, dated chemicals

Metal fabrication – Solvents, sludges, cleaners, paints, acids, caustics

Plating – Sludges, cleaners, acids, caustics, cyanides

Vehicle maintenance, service and repair – Oils, filters, solvents, paints, thinners

Dry cleaners – Dry cleaning fluids


Recycling/Disposing Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) – can be disposed of at the Bozeman Convenience Site (Old City of Bozeman Landfill) at 2143 Story Mill Road on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9 am to Noon. Household Residents: Free with no appointment needed. Commercial: Pre-approval appointment required and fee-based. Call (406) 539-1161 to schedule. Special Instructions: If you have questions about what waste materials are acceptable and how to transport them, call (406) 539-1161. The Logan Landfill also accepts waste motor oil, antifreeze, batteries, propane tanks, and bear spray canisters for proper disposal, and participates in the pesticide container recycling program.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) – can be disposed of at the Logan Landfill (fee based), please call them for additional information 406.582-2493.

Prescription Drugs – Did you know that unused and expired pharmaceuticals are a public safety issue, with the potential to lead to poisoning, overdose, and abuse? If they are disposed of in the trashed, they may be retrieved and used, and if disposed of in the toilet, they can contaminate drinking water. That’s why it’s important to properly dispose of prescription drugs, through annual Take Back days.

There are also containers that take prescription drugs (not in liquid form) Monday through Friday 8am to 5:30pm located at:

  • Law and Justice Center, 615 S. 16th Avenue, Bozeman,
  • Bozeman Police Departments (downtown), 30 N Rouse Ave, Bozeman

If you have an expired liquid prescription ie: cough syrup w/codeine, you should mix it with an unpalatable substance such as dirt, kitty litter, or used coffee grounds and put it in a zip lock bag and dispose in your household trash.  Always remember to black out or peel off your identifying information on the bottle.


Paint Disposal

Check your paint to see if it’s usable latex paint:

  • Label says latex, and to clean up with soap and water. (Oil-based paint label says cleanup with solvents, such as pain thinner or turpentine; label may say combustible, flammable.)
  • Never frozen
  • No mold
  • No persistent lumps or flakes when stirred

Proper disposal of non-usable latex paint requires drying it thoroughly:

  • Get a sturdy, shallow cardboard box and fill with kitty litter. Pour paint over the kitty litter. Put the box where pets can’t get at it. When it’s completely dry, put the box with contents in the garbage.
  • If it’s a small amount, paint it onto cardboard, dry and dispose of in garbage.

Note: The hazardous waste collection does not accept latex paint.

Good latex paint:

  • Find someone who can use it or post a “Free items” ad on Craig’s List or the local newspaper.
  • If you have nearly-full paint cans, thrift shops may be able to accept them. Please call ahead to make sure they can use your donation.
    • Belgrade Sack’s: 406.388.7526
    • Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store: 406.388.2851

Oil-based paint:

  • Find someone who can use it or post a “Free items” ad on Craig’s List or the local newspaper.
  • Take the paint to the Bozeman Convenience site’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection. Second Saturday of each month, 9am -noon.

Note: The hazardous waste collection does not accept latex paint.


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