Kids in fort_smTop 10 Fun Indoor Activities with Children

It’s bitterly cold outside, and the kids’ snow gear is still soaking wet from a sledding adventure yesterday evening. You’re looking for some fun indoor activity ideas to keep your kids entertained, engaged, active, and ready to learn or use their incredible sense of creativity.

Look no further! We’ve collected some of the best ideas for indoor fun with your kids in Gallatin County!


1. Interact with a Book

There’s more than one way to use a book:

  • Read a book
  • Act out a book: use household props and cardboard to set a stage, use blankets or clothing items around the house. If your child has stage fright, put on a puppet show! You can easily set up a box for a stage, and break out the markers and crayons to decorate the box to make a fun and festive stage area.
  • Write a book or story
  • Illustrate a book
  • Listen to a book on mp3


2. Hide and Seek/Sardines

We all know how to play Hide and Seek, but how about sardines, which is like reverse hide-and-seek? In this game, one child is the hider, everyone else is a seeker. The hider hides while the seekers seek. However, when a seeker finds the hider, instead of pointing him out, he joins him in the hiding place. Soon, the children will all be stuffed in one place, like a box of sardines! The first child to find the hider gets to hide next.


3. Charades

This is especially fun if suggestions are made by the children, such as their favorite movie or book scenes, their favorite school activities, or maybe sports or indoor/outdoor activities they enjoy. Each kid can write a few ideas on slips of paper, these are placed into a bowl, and each kid picks one to act out for the group to guess.


4. Scavenger/Treasure Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a fun activity all year long using random objects from around the house. Make a list of things they need to find, and send them off hunting. Or hide a treasure somewhere and give the kids a list of clues to lead them there.


5. Cook or Bake

Not only is this a fun activity to do together, but it will give you a chance to give them a lesson in math and chemistry in a fun and interactive way! You can teach them why bread rises with the help of yeast or baking powder, or how to measure ingredients using fractions.


6. Blanket Forts

Pile on the blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, comforters, and watch your little architect build a full house castle or a one-room bunker.


7. Collages

Make a collage out of newspapers, magazines, or any materials you have laying around that can be cut up or shredded to make an abstract, silly, or pretty picture for random artistic fun!


8. Name that Tune

Find out who can hum, sing, or whistle, and have fun guessing tunes from songs from the radio, TV show theme songs, your favorite holiday songs, or famous movie tunes.


9. Make a Story

…One word at a time. Start with one word, let the next person choose the next word, the next person after that chooses the next word, and so on.


10. Cardboard Box Fun

Don’t have any cardboard boxes around? Ask your local grocer or hardware store and see if they have any boxes you can take off of their hands. Bring them home, break out the markers, crayons, fabric, glue, and any other fun craft supplies you may have lying around, and let their imagination go wild. Spaceships, boats, houses, trains, you name it, kids will create it.


For more ways to entertain the kiddos, check out recreational opportunities in Gallatin County.

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