How Healthy Is Our Community?

The Community Health Profile and Improvement Plan, was a collaborative process designed to address health care access issues and healthy behaviors in Gallatin County. The study focused on identifying health opportunities and strengths as a community and improving the health of our county. Through this process, we identified factors that affect the health of Gallatin County and determined available resources to address these factors. We looked at key questions such as:

  • What are the strengths of our communities?
  • What health concerns do county residents have?
  • What are the emerging health issues in the county?
  • What other resources are needed to address these concerns?


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The Reports


Annual Reports

Gallatin 2018 Communicable Disease Report

Gallatin 2017 Communicable Disease Report

Gallatin 2016 Communicable Disease Report

2016 County Health Rankings and Roadmaps

2014 Healthy Gallatin Community Health Improvement Plan Annual Report

2013 Healthy Gallatin Community Health Improvement Plan Annual Report

Gallatin 2015 Communicable Disease Report

Gallatin 2014 Communicable Disease Report

Gallatin 2013 Communicable Disease Report


Financial Information

FY2020 Budget Summary

FY2020 Revenue Forecast

FY2019 Budget Summary

FY2019 Revenue Forecast

FY2018 Budget Status


Gallatin City-County Health Department Strategic Plan

The objective the Gallatin City-County Health Department’s strategic plan is to develop thoughtful interrelationships between the organization’s priorities and opportunities, and to maximize resources. This document serves as a roadmap in guiding the department to better serve our population.

View the strategic plan for FY17-FY20 here.

View the strategic plan for FY13-FY16 here.

View the strategic plan summary report for FY13-FY16 here.


The Community Health Profile

The Community Health Profile takes a look at the different health factors in the different communities within Gallatin County.

View the 2012 Gallatin County Community Health Profile here.

View the 2018 Gallatin County Community Health Assessment here.


The Community Health Improvement Plan

This report, based on the findings of the Community Health Profile, highlights strategic issues that Gallatin County communities are addressing include:

How to increase access to care?
How to increase strategic collaboration between service providers?
How to encourage healthy behaviors across the life span?
Check out the following document, which outlines the strategies that community groups and stakeholders are working on together
in order to improve the health of residents in Gallatin County.

View the Healthy Gallatin CHIP 2015-2018.

View the Healthy Gallatin_CHIP_2014.


Professional Research Consultants Reports

Bozeman Deaconess Health Services, Gallatin City-County Health Department and Community Health Partners collaborated to complete this quantitative survey of residents in Park, Madison and Gallatin Counties. The survey includes questions on health screenings, health access, and health behaviors.

(PDF 6.0 MB) 2017 Community Health Needs Assessment REPORT -Gallatin, Madison & Park Counties, MT

(PDF 2.52 MB) 2017 Community Health Needs Assessment REPORT -Big Sky, West Yellowstone & Gallatin Gateway, MT

(PDF 6.1 MB) 2014 Community Health Needs Assessment REPORT – Gallatin, Madison & Park Counties, MT

(PDF 4.7 MB) 2011 Community Health Assessment  REPORT – Gallatin, Madison & Park Counties, MT


Providers Obligation as a Recipient of HHS Funding to Provide Assistance to Patients with Limited English Proficiencies (LEP)

(PDF 121 KB) Obligation as a Recipient of HHS Funding


Restaurant Inspections

Check out the latest restaurant inspection reports before dining out…


State Health Improvement Plan

This is Montana’s Health Improvement Plan, which outlines strategies to improve the health of all Montanans.