Substance Abuse Resources

You don’t have to suffer through addiction alone. Gallatin County has a number of resources for substance abuse support, including:


Adolescent Resource Center

1450 W. Kagy Blvd., Bozeman

(406) 586-8253



Heleen at (406) 586-1025 or Victoria at (406) 587-1417


Alcohol and Drug Services of Gallatin County (ADSCG)

2310 North 7th Ave, Bozeman

(406) 586-5493


Alcohol and Drug Assistance Center at MSU

1215 Gopher Court, Bozeman

(406) 994-5937


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

(406) 585-4079


Al-Anon (support for friends/family of alcoholics)

(406) 585-4258


Montana Chemical Dependency Center

525 E. Mercury, Butte

(406) 496-5400

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

1-800-990-6262 or


Rimrock-leading Addiction Treatment

1231 North 29th Street, Billings

(800) 227-3953 or (406) 248-3175


Community Coalition On Drug Awareness (C-CODA)

The Community Coalition On Drug Awareness (C-CODA) in Gallatin County, Montana  is a community-based program that is providing resources and evidence-based strategies to reduce underage drinking, tobacco use, and illegal drug use. The abuse of drugs is not a harmless personal decision: there are real, long-lasting, and devastating outcomes for those who abuse drugs and for their families, friends, and communities.  And for some, the outcome may be lethal. Whether you purchase drugs from a pharmacy, or you get them from a friend, knowing the truth about them will help you understand the dangers they pose.