Daycares & Schools

School Daycare

Gallatin County has a well respected public school system, along with many daycares and pre-schools that provide quality early education and help for working parents. Along with that, there are resources that parents can access for childcare referrals and assistance in paying for childcare and education.


Daycare & Early Education Assistance


HRDC Head Start

Head Start is a federal program for preschool children from low income families. Children attending Head Start participate in a variety of educational activities. They also receive medical and dental care, have healthy meals and snacks, and enjoy playing indoors and outdoors in a safe, secure, social setting.

Contact: 32 South Tracy Bozeman,

(406) 587-4486




Child Care Connections

A resource and referral agency in Gallatin, Park, and Meagher Counties that supports families and the local economy. Child Care Connections encourages quality child care and safety through Best Beginnings scholarships for families struggling with the high cost of child care (see below), referrals to help parents find quality care, safety programs, babysitting courses and more.

Hours: 7:30 am-5 pm Mon.-Thurs., Fri. 7:30 am – 3 pm

Contact: 1143 Stoneridge Drive Suite 1, Bozeman

(406) 587-7786 or 1-800-962-0418



Best Beginnings Scholarships

Run through Childcare Connections, the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarships are payment awards to help families in Montana pay for child care while they work and/or attend school, and participate in TANF.

Contact: 1143 Stoneridge Drive Suite 1, Bozeman

(406) 587-7786 or 1-800-962-0418



The Montana Special Needs Subsidy Program

Helping families and child care providers meet realistic costs of individualized care. In addition to an adjusted monthly subsidy payment, one-time costs may be reimbursed using the state’s Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship fund for expenses such as adaptive equipment, tuition for specialized training, or individualized technical assistance needed to learn to care for a child. The amount and duration of child care subsidies is determined on an individual basis. The subsidy may be one-time-only or monthly.

Contact: 1143 Stoneridge Drive Suite 1, Bozeman

(406) 587-7786 or 1-800-962-0418



Gallatin County Public Schools

The following are links to the different Gallatin County school districts:

Bozeman School District

Belgrade School District

Three Forks School District

Big Sky School District

West Yellowstone School District