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Have you ever heard people say that parenting can be one of the best things in life, but also one of the most difficult?

When you bring your new baby into the world, sometimes your own strengths and fears come along with him or her. Many new parents appreciate having a trusted resource for questions about newborn care or tips on navigating the new world of parenthood. That’s where we come in.


What is Healthy Gallatin Home Visiting?

Healthy Gallatin Home Visiting is a support network for families that provides health checks, education, support, and links to many other helpful resources in our community. Through one-on-one visits with a nurse, you can build a trusted relationship, get prenatal and parenting support, and have your questions answered to better prepare you for successful parenthood.

Our Services

Although our services are customized to suit the individual needs of each person and family, many pregnant women and parents call on us to:

• Assist with breastfeeding & nutrition

• Check on a child’s growth & development

• Offer referrals for health services and healthcare providers

• Help with applying for housing, food assistance, & parenting programs

• Provide prenatal and parenting education

• Provide parenting resources and referrals to services that are available in our community

• Answer questions about child safety

• Help interpret doctor’s instructions

• Suggest healthy lifestyle changes

• And much more

Who We Help

The Healthy Gallatin Home Visiting program serves pregnant women and parents (or those with custody) and their children up to age 5. Although it is recommended that women start the program during pregnancy, families are welcome to start anytime. You may start with regular visits to monitor you and your child’s health or you may just want one visit to answer some of your questions. Our experienced home visitors are here to help decrease stress in the lives of pregnant women, parents and babies. We are able to visit anyone, including:

• Pregnant women

• First time parents

• Single parents

• Teen Parents

• Adoptive parents

• Grandparents

• Parents of multiples

• Pre-term or medically fragile infants

• Infants with special needs

Father Engagement Program

A home visitation program for men with children from prenatal to age five. The program provides developmental screening along with information on a wide variety of parenting and fatherhood issues, with an emphasis on service navigation and the importance of dads helping raise kids.

Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Our public health nurses follow a framework called Parents as Teachers (PAT), a model that has been successfully used by organizations all over the country to support families and children in strengthening the parent-child bond, ensuring proper child development, and making sure that parents have the tools and resources they need to make sure their new family thrives. Read more…

Montana Asthma Program (MAP)

A home visiting program for those with a current asthma diagnosis. The program provides six home visits a year by an RN that provides asthma education, help identifying and mitigating triggers in the environment, help managing medications and referrals to medical and community resources.

Lactation Education Program

Breastfeeding can be a challenging and rewarding experience for a new family!  Having the support and resources to be successful can assist mothers in meeting their breastfeeding goals. Our Lactation Education Program is specifically designed with families in mind!


Refer Someone

Do you know someone who may need support during pregnancy or with parenting? Health care providers, family, and friends can refer someone to the Healthy Gallatin Home Visiting program by filling out the form below, or individuals can fill it out for a self referral.   You can mail the form to us at Gallatin City County Health Department at 215 W Mendenhall, Bozeman, MT 59715 or fax to: (406) 582-3112.


Referral Form


For any further questions, please contact the Gallatin City-County Health Department Human Services at (406) 582-3100.