Healthy SleepSleep & Safety Tips

Have questions or concerns about sleep and safety in your Gallatin County Home?

Healthy Gallatin Home Visiting is a support network for families that provides health checks, education, support, and links to many other helpful resources in our community. Through one-on-one visits with a nurse, you can build a trusted relationship, get prenatal and parenting support, and have your questions answered to better prepare you for successful parenthood.

Along with local Gallatin City-County Health Department programs are many helpful resources that parents can use to learn more about infant/child nutrition.


Sleep is extremely important for both mother and child, and a large factor in contributing to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Studies have shown that children need sleep for proper brain and body development, and parents need sleep to decrease stress and also for proper healthy living.

Sleep can also be one of the things that new parents struggle with most. Some new parents worry about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), co-sleeping, and other issues. Here are some links to helpful resources about healthy sleep habits and tips for creating a healthy, safe, and comfortable sleep environment:

Infant Sleep Safety Tips

Safe Sleeping for Infants




Safety is a top concern for parents of children at any age, and as a child develops, the safety concerns tend to evolve. For instance as babies learn to roll over, crawl, sit, and stand, they start exploring and love to put things into their mouths, which can be a choking hazard. As toddlers learn to walk, run, and climb, a whole new world opens up to them, along with a whole new list of hazards for parents to watch out for!

Here are some helpful safety tips and resources for creating a safe environment in which to raise infants and children during their different ages and stages:

Baby Safety Basics (0-12 months)

Toddler Safety (1-4 years)

Big Kid Safety (5-9 years)

Child Proofing Checklists, By Age

Car Seat Recommendations