Montana Safety Belt Information


Fast Facts

  • Observed safety belt usage in Montana was 78.9% (June 2010)
  • During 2009, 221 vehicle occupants died in motor vehicle crashes alone.
  • The majority of those (71%) were not wearing safety belts.
  • Of the 221 people who died in automobile accidents in Montana, two-thirds (more than 66%) were not wearing a seat belt.
  • Inattentive driving, careless driving and cell phone use contributed to 45% of all crashes in Montana.

Belt Usage by Vehicle Type

  • Safety belt usage is much lower in pickups: about 63%.
  • Over 83% of people killed in pick-up crashes were not buckled.
  • Pick-ups and SUVs have a higher incidence of rollovers, where the possibility of being ejected increases.

–Printed from the Greater Gallatin Safety Coalition


Car Seat Safety

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