Older Adult Vaccinations

Although many people tend to think that only infants and school-aged children need vaccinations, there are a number of vaccinations recommended for older adults in order to prevent a variety of illnesses that can result in more serious complications or even death. Older adults (typically 65 and up) are in a more high risk category for certain diseases, including influenza and pneumonia.

With a convenient location near downtown Bozeman, the Gallatin City-County Health Department provides older-adult-recommended vaccinations, including:

• Shingles

Shingles Vaccine Information Sheet

• Pneumonia (pneumococcal disease)

Pneumoccocal Vaccine Information Sheet

• Influenza (flu)

Flu Vaccine Information Sheet

• Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (Tdap)

 Tdap Vaccine Information Sheet



We have an income-based sliding fee scale, and we can bill insurance for those who have it. Please call for pricing questions, 406-582-3100.


Call to schedule an appointment for older adult recommended vaccinations: 406-582-3100


Gallatin City-County Health Department

215 West Mendenhall in Bozeman


CDC information about vaccinations for older adults

Vaccine Recommendations for Adults by Age and Condition