Permits & Licensing

Through the Gallatin City-County Health Department, Environmental Health Services (EHS), permits, licenses and/or inspections may be required for your business or the activity in which you are participating.  These permits, licenses or approvals may be the jurisdication of the Health Department or another agency.  Inspections are done to assure the safety of the public and the prevention of unsanitary and unhealthy conditions and practices.


Body Art: Tattoo & Piercing

Daycares & Group HomesPermit App

Food Events & Farmers Markets

Food Service


Pools & Spas

Starting a Restaurant


Trailer Courts & Campgrounds

Wastewater Treatment (Septic)


Cottage Food in Montana

Did you know? Cottage Food is reviewed by the Health Department to ensure products are non-potentially hazardous.


For additional resources and regulations, check out:

Forms & Applications


Wastewater Treatement (Septic) Records

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