Forms & Applications

Body Art

Body Art Plan Review Application

Non-Public Water Circular FCS1-2012



Daycare Plan Review Application

Non-Public Water Circular FCS1-2012

Food Establishments

Food Establishment Plan Review Packet

Food Handler Health Requirements

Hand Washing Plan

Non– Public Water Circular FCS1-2012


Public Accommodations

Public Accommodation Plan Review Application

Fire Safety Checklist for Temporary Lodging Facilities

Non-Public Water Circular FCS1-2012



Expedited Rewrite Application

Online Joint Application

Planning Department Verification (Required with Sub Application)


Temporary Food Events & Farmers Markets

Cottage Food – Guidance and Forms

Farmers Market – Guidelines and Application

Temporary Food Event Coordinator’s Application

Temporary Food Event Application Packet


Trailer Courts – Campgrounds

Trailer Court / Campground Plan Review Application

Non-Public Water Circular FCS1-2012


Wastewater Treatment

Commercial Addendum

Detached Structure

Extension Request

Installer Registration Application

Intent to Groundwater Monitor

Permit Modification

Planning Department Verification (Required with Septic Application)

Site Evaluator / Professional Engineer Registration Application

System Certification

Variance Application Packet

Wastewater Treatment System Permit Application (Print 2-sided)


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