Product Recalls, Health Alerts & Advisories

Health Alert – Conveys the highest level of importance; warrants immediate action or attention.

Health Advisory – Provides important information for a specific incident; may not require immediate action.

Health Update – Provides updated information regarding an incident; unlikely to require immediate action.

Product Recalls

Voluntary or mandated recall of a product due to a potential public health risk, for additional information on recalls refer to Federal Drug and Administration (FDA) and/or US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

The products below are associated with Montana illnesses or complaints:

4.30.18 Stonewall Kitchen Voluntarily Recalls a Limited Amount of Basil Pesto Aioli due to Mislabeling and Undeclared Presence of the Dairy Allergen, Egg

3.15.18 Johnsonville, LLC Recalls Smoked Pork Sausage Products due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

Health Alert

No health alerts at this time.

Health Advisory

No health advisories at this time.

Public Water Advisories

Issued when a Public Water Supply System (PWS) has a required water sample result that indicates potential contamination.  For additional information of an individual system please refer to the MDEQ – Public Water Supply Program.



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